About Myllash Marketing


At Myllash Web Services Limited, we help businesses take advantage of the internet to become very profitable and grow. Our primary objective is to help you get customers for your business. We have a very unique approach of doing this based on our understanding of how the internet works and how best to take full advantage of it.


In our opinion, customers are the lifeline of any business. Without customers, no business can stay in operation. We understand this and have it at the top of our vision board for helping you take advantage of the internet. Now that we know customers are the lifeline of any business, we understand you can only continue to stay in business when you continue to get customers. I.e. old customers keep coming back and new customers add up.

When we talk digital marketing, we are talking more than just adverts or sponsored posts on social media. Here is what we are talking about.

FIRSTLY: We make your business visible to people that matter to you (Key phrase: People that Matter) by setting up a proper web presence

SECONDLY: We create proper contents to engage people to make them think highly of your business and be willing to spend their hard earned cash on your product or service

THIRDLY: We set measures in place to get people to order for your products and services online, converting them to customers for your business

So our approach not just helps you get customers immediately, it put things in place for you to get customers and continue to get them increasingly over time, therefore helping you stay in business and grow.

Question: Why should you take our service and get the complete web infrastructure for getting customers and growing?

Answer: You want to get new customers now, more customers tomorrow and continue to grow!


Step 1: We help you develop strategies for the entire process by having conversations about your business

Step 2: We help you establish a solid web presence with your own company website and social media accounts

Step 3: We help your develop and run digital marketing campaigns using your websites as well as collaborating services and applications.

We have a very robust system which includes additional services and applications like analytics and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software. With these additional tools, we are able to properly manage the entire process by keeping track of visitor activities and provide direction for them to become customers. This sometimes involves retargeting already interested visitors with deals and offer they canít resist.

Our process Involves

BRAND IDENTITY: If you do not already have it in place

WEBSITE Landing pages: Website with specific landing pages for specific products and services and specific campaigns


ONLINE ADVERTS: Social media and Google Ads

EMAIL MARKETING: Promotions emails and newsletters

CRM SOFTWARE: For managing leads and driving conversion